Best Solution Law Firm is based in Jordan. The co-founders, are pioneer lawyers seeking to render optimal and integrated legal services through highly qualified and professional lawyers. BSLF enjoys significant presence in legal platforms and national and international courts and has made many partnerships in the Middle East, South Africa and European countries. BSLF attaches clients a great deal of importance through initial examination, careful study of documents and setting of a realistic scenario for the nature of the judicial system, along with good understanding of the society and public opinion on the case dimensions and rendering legal and other services to clients in a professional manner. BSLF is the first in the Middle East to insure clients against all types of professional risk through an insurance policy from optimal international insurance companies for all their legal actions in our firm as soon as they join us. Our clients are our partners of success, as they constitute our real capital.

Aspects of Our Legal Services

Technology is witnessing rapid developments and invention of new things. That alarms us about the progress of online crime means and instruments becoming more complicated and detrimental. As a result, states are required to develop their mechanisms to combat such crimes, introduce defense lines, raise awareness of their new forms and encourage people to report them in accordance with national and international laws.

The International Disaster Response Laws (IDRL) of The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) examines legal issues and frameworks associated with disaster response, particularly focusing on international humanitarian aid in a bid to reduce humans’ exposure to risk.

We provide legal consultations in the field of industry from foundation to the practice of commercial activity in accordance with investment laws, incentives and official exemptions in terms of tax, customs, import and export.

We render legal services to banks and financial institutions. This includes internal and external operations as well as creating legal solutions through lawyers experienced in banking and financial institutions laws.

We have lawyers specialized in companies, in terms of rules related to foundation, responsibilities and rights. Such rules regulate engagement between companies, investors, shareholders, managers, employees, creditors and other stakeholders like consumers, the community and environment.

Space laws govern the activities that have to do with space, including national and international agreements and basics. The Space Law criteria cover space exploration, damage responsibility, use of arms, rescue efforts, conservation of the environment, information exchange, recent technologies and ethics. Space Law includes other legal fields, like Administration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Arms Control Law, Insurance Law, Environment Law, Criminal Law and Commercial Law.

We have lawyers specialized in banking trade, stock markets and investment management. It is necessary to comprehend the Finance Law to create and formulate banking and financial systems as well as the legal framework for finance in general.

We provide legal consultations on commercial and cooperative insurance as well as advocacy in insurance cases.

We have long-experienced lawyers specialized in litigation before different courts, which grants BSLF a unique position in courts.

We use modern visual communication technology to hold litigation and trial administration ‘online’ without the need to attend courts. That would maintain the continuity and ease of litigation procedures and parties’ rights.

BSLF is an international firm which renders services of international commercial arbitration and resolves disputes between national and international organizations and other parties. We also give effective options in terms of time and cost to resolve disputes and render services in optimal legal methods.

This law is governed by the three following rules:

1 - A robot may not harm a human being, and any such harm shall not be tolerated.

2 - A robot shall obey humans’ commands unless they clash with rule no. 1 above.

3 - A robot shall maintain existence as long as that does not contradict rules no. 1 and no. 2 above.

Our Clients